1) What is the difference between 14K and 18K gold? 

A - Expressed as a percentage, 18K gold is 75% pure gold. 14K gold, on the other hand, consists of 14 parts pure gold mixed with 10 parts other metal, with the other metals varying based on the gold's color. Expressed as a percentage, the pure gold in a piece of 14K gold jewelry accounts for 58.3% of the total metal. Victoria Anna pieces are all made of 18K gold. 


2) What quality diamonds do you use on all your jewelry pieces? 

A - The quality of all our diamonds set in our jewelry is VS-SI clarity, F-G color. 


3) Do you ship internationally? 

We ship all around the world! Please call or email for international orders for shipping costs. 


4) Can we see the jewelry in person before we purchase? 

Unfortunately, we do not have a showroom at this time all orders are made in our manufacturing and we work out of our private office.